What Attractions Are Worth Visiting In London?


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If you're planning on visiting every worthwhile attraction in London, you may need to book yourself a pretty long holiday. London is one of my favourite cities because there's simply so much going on to keep you entertained.
It may take weeks to fully appreciate everything the British capital has to offer, so my advice is to pick out a few highlights and focus on those first.
Whilst it'll generally depend on what you're interested in (and maybe who you're travelling with), I'd recommend that you avoid the long queues of attractions like Madame Tussauds, and check out some of the less well known features of London to get a real idea of what it's all about.

Visiting London's markets

You can't really visit London without dropping by one of the major street markets. They can be something of a nightmare to navigate on busy weekends, so I'd recommend checking them out on a weekday to be able to take your time browsing the different stalls.

Markets I'd suggest you put on your 'must visit' list are: 
  • Borough Market- Considered London's top 'foodie' market
  • Camden Market- Actually group of markets located in the 'boho' hub of Camden Town. Great for vintage clothing shops and all things alternative.
  • Brick Lane Market- South Asia meets trendy 'East End' fashion in this rather unique market. You'll be able to pick up everything from an authentic curry through to a vintage-chic blouse.
For more information on London's markets I suggest you look up Time Out's Guide to London Markets.

London's night life

If you're planning to hit the many bars and pubs around London then you'll definitely be in for a treat. Although it may sound like a cliché, there really is something to cater for every taste. Whilst I could go on and on about places I'd recommend you check out for a tipple, I'll restrict my suggestions to my favorite three: 
  • Blues Kitchen, Camden Town: An American-style blues bar in Camden, North London. Boasts a large choice of bourbons and whiskey, as well as live blues musicians and dancing on weekends. 
  • Proud Cabaret: 1920s-style supper club in the middle of London's financial district
  • Bloomsbury Lanes: A 50s-style bowling alley, bar and american diner located in the basement of the Tavistock Hotel.

Shopping and London's West End

The 'west end' of London is an area of central London that, in its broadest terms, features a number of London's biggest attractions including major shopping destinations, theaters, art galleries and restaurants. Setting aside a day or two, I'd recommend you visit:
  • Chinatown for its authentic restaurants
  • Oxford Street/Regent street/Carnaby Street for the shopping arcades
  • New Bond Street: For designer shops
  • Old Compton Street: Which is the center of London's 'gay district' and a great destination for laid back bars and bistros

Relaxing in London's Parks

Finally, why not spend some time soaking up the sun and chilling out in one of London's parks. Ones you can't miss out on are:
  • Hyde Park
  • Regents Park
  • Hampstead Heath
  • St James' Park
To finish off, I'd recommend taking a stroll down the 'embankment' at night time. This riverside walk means you'll manage to see some of London's most well known landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye lit up beautifully against the backdrop of the night sky!
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London has so much to offer to everyone. If the weather is good, you can take a walk through
Greenwich Park, Green Park, Hyde Park, Regents Park, a walk along the
Thames from London Bridge to Waterloo, or a little further afield
Hampsted Heath. If it's cold and/or raining you would be left with window
shopping at Westfield Stratford City, which is Europe largest urban
shopping centre.

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London is a busy, exciting city offering a great mixture of cultures and experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Must see attractions are recommended as follows:

1. Buckingham Palace: A visit to London would be wholly undignified without a quick visit to the Queen. Of course you won't be able to sip tea here and enjoy cucumber sandwiches, but its worth taking a look at the 660 room private house (the largest in London).

2. London Dungeon: Get a glimpse at what horrors await you in this converted railway arch. Watch people being hung, drawn and quartered (well not real people, of course) and many other lifesize waxwork ghoulies.

3. Madame Tussauds: If you can fight your way through the crowds, this is worth a visit for the almost-but-not-quite reality of standing next to famous faces such as David Beckham, Brad PItt and Madonna.

4.The London Eye: Also known as the Millenium Wheel, this British Airways operated attraction is a great way to get up high and see London from above. The huge glass viewing pods which make up the world's largest observation wheel,slowly circle around - much like a snail-pace ferris wheel. In 30 minutes you can get a panoramic view of the Capital, providing there are no pesky clouds about!

5. St Pauls Cathedral: The place where Sir Winston Churchill had his funeral and Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married. Worth a visit for historic appreciation, this famous monument has been restored and cleaned in recent years.

6.Piccadilly Circus: A must-visit if you have kids and like a bit of hustle-and-bustle. With some great evening entertainment provided by the MGM Cinema and Segaworld (think indoor gaming on 7 floors) its very much bright lights and big city sights.

Of course this is just a handful of things to see and do in London. Don't forget all those Art galleries and museums too!

My final tip would be keep well clear of London during the summer months when it reaches stupidly hot degrees (June-August)...unless of course you've got boundless energy and don't mind sweating uncontrollably (especially on the Tube).
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One can easily find many places to visit London. According to me South London, Central London, Hyde park and Regents Park is most notable place to visit. Why I am saying these places are good to visit and spend vacation if you are in first time in London  because  during my 2 years study in London, most of time i visited there.

Many outside travelers comes these places. Apart from that you will find many place including night life, museum, etc.

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Hyde Park vs Regents Park, which one is better? I'd personally go with Regents Park because of the zoo :)
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Hi Yassin, both parks are worth to visit but if you want do some fun activities such as swimming, boating, cycling and skating then according to me Hyde Park is best.
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From the modern London Eye to the historic Tower of London, below are London's most visited tourist attractions. 
1. British Museum
2. National Gallery
3. Natural History Museum
4. Tate Modern
5. Coca-Cola London Eye
6. Science Museum
7. Victoria and Albert Museum
8. Tower of London
9. Royal Museums Greenwich
10. Madame Tussauds London

Check out here more fun things to do in London :- http://www.londonthisweekend.co.uk/

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