Please i want to know the countries in asia that Thailand passport is a visa free thanks?


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Some Asian countries do permit visa-free travel for Thailand passport owners; though sometimes the amount of days or weeks you are entitled to stay within the country is limited.

• Which countries and how long for

All of Russia permits visa-free travel for 30 days can be issued on arrival for a small fee of 50 USD (United States Dollars). Mongolia permits a free 30 days of residency within the country only to those who own a Thai diplomatic, official or service/special passports. Similarly, South Korea holds the same policy but extends its period to 90 days. Malaysia is a free 30 days for any passport holder without any catches or clauses, which is the same policy held too in Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Cambodia. Papua New Guinea offers 60 days for a fee of 100 PGK (Papua New Guinea kina) which amounts to 27 British pence approximately.

Oman offer the same policy as Russia but holders of Thai diplomatic and special passports do not need to pay the fee. Jordan offer a free month for 10 JOD (Jordanian dinar) which amounts to 86 British pence, roughly speaking. Singapore, the city-state, provides 90 free days for passport owners. The rest of Asian countries within the continent either require some cost for entering the country or for other terms to be met or they just don't allow visa-free travel.

Outside of Asia the following countries offer a variety of days of visa-free travel: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg. The most of them provide the full 90 days of free residency within the nation with the rest only providing 30 days instead. Finland is known as the only exception as it requires that a unilateral agreement is met first.

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