What Are Visa Free Countries With Cameroon Passport?


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There are many countries throughout the world that are freely accessible with a Cameroon passport. On most continents there are some countries, which can be travelled to. Right next to Cameroon the countries of Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria and Congo-Brazzaville are all accessible. These are all for up to three months. However, the nations of Benin, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon are not. There are 12 other countries in Africa that can be accessed. These are generally for a set period of time, but in some a visa may be issued on arrival, which may have a fixed price for it.

     In South America there are seven countries that do not need a visa, which are all for fixed periods of time. The longest of these is for six months in Dominica. In Asia there are three countries that do not require a visa,  the Maldives, Philippines and Singapore. Others can be visited with a visa that is issued on arrival. Europe does not have any countries that do not require a visa, but three that issue one on arrival. In Oceania there are eight countries that do not require a visa, Cook Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

     There are often countries, some I have indicated, that do not require a visa in advance, but do issue one on arrival. These, as I have also stated, do sometimes have a cost. Rules and limitations from countries on their visa policies can change often, so it is often worth checking well in advance of planning a trip. When a ticket is booked for entry to a certain country more information on requirements for entry should be available.
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If you have a Cameroonian passport, then the countries that are visa free are:

Central African Republic,  Chad,  Congo-Brazzaville,Nigeria,  Seychelles,  
Dominica,  Grenada,  Haiti,  Montserrat,  Saint Kitts and Nevis,  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , Maldives,  Philippines,  Singapore ,  Cook Islands,  Micronesia,  Nauru,  Niue,  Palau,  Samoa,  Tuvalu,  Vanuatu Mali,  and Mauritania

The countries that you can visit and get a visa at arrival are:

Azerbaijan,  Georgia,Bangladesh,  Cambodia,  Laos,  Macau,  Nepal,  Syria,  
TimorLeste,Burundi,  CapeVerde,  Comoros,  Djibouti,  Madagascar,  Mozambique,
Togo,  Uganda and  Zambia

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Mean you don't need a visa if you are having a Cameroon passport
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I want to know the countries that cameroon citizens with the passport can travel with free visa
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In pacific which country are visa free or arrival visa for cameroon passport?
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Singapore for sure I did it.
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I will be grateful to know the list of countries that cameroonian  passport can travel to visa free.
  Please I am expecting your reply.
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List me names of countries which holder of cameroonian passport can travel with no visa 2009
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Cameroonian passport is visa free for USA, UK and EU countries. Hurry up and buy your tickets

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