How Long Is The Flight From Ohio To Germany?


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The distance between Ohio state University Airport , Ohio and Berlin Metropolitan Area inBerlin Germany is 4356 Miles and 6970 Kilometers. It takes approximately 7 Hours and 40 Minutes if you're flying by Boeing 747 or Airbus A340. Estimated time if you're flying by a business jet is 8 hours 12 minutes, by Cessna SkyHawk it takes 30 hours 34 minutes and by Bell 206L-4 it takes 33hours and 40 minutes. You can easily find out the distance and time taken to fly from any city or country in the world to another by using the following website:
All you have to do is search the airport codes for each location and then enter the departure and arrival locations to get the distance between them as well as the duration of the flights. Have fun!

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