How Long Is The Flight From Aberdeen To Tunisia?


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Aberdeen is a city in Scotland and is mapped at 57.08'43" N latitude and 02.06'05" W longitude. England is a neighboring country of Scotland. Scotland is surrounded by North Sea in the east, Atlantic Ocean in the north and the west, and North Channel and Irish Sea to the south east. The other country, Tunisia, is in North Africa near the Mediterranean Coast. It is bordered by Algeria on its west and Libya is on the southeast. It is located at 36.50 N latitude and 10.9' E longitude.

Aberdeen Airport is the largest helicopter station of the world. The IATA airport code is AZ. The Tunisia airlines in Tunisia have flights to Heathrow, Aberdeen an dother airports in UK. The journey takes around two hours and forty-five minutes to three hours. There are also flights from Aberdeen to airport of Gouvernorat de Ariana, Tunisia.
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It takes 5h 50mins outbought and 5h 30mins return. This includes one stop in Paris, France.

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