Can I Get A One Way Ticket And Stay In Canada For 6 Months Without A Visa. Im A British Citizen Visiting My Partner Of 8 Years?


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My mother and I are Swedish citizens & we travelled to Toronto in 2008 to visit my brother.
The officer asked why we only had 1 way tickets & I told her that I wasnt the 1 buying the tickets, but my father did and that we were going to buy our own tickets back home.
Then she asked how long we planned to stay (and she wasnt very happy) and we told her 1 month. She even asked for my brother's phone number, I gave it to her and she actually called him and talked to his wife for 10-15 minutes, just to check that we were telling the truth.
And I'm sorry to say this but I just felt like punching her in the face because she was being a real bit*h for no reason.
And yeah she also wanted us to show her that we had visa/MasterCard.
I told myself that I would NEVER put my foot in that country again but I stayed for 2 months, had a great time & now I'm going back, hopefully this month!!

Good luck to you!!
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As far as I can understand from the website unless you can prove you intend to come back and have a job and home in UK it doesnt seem you will get entry. Certainly getting a one way ticket would disqualify you on these grounds.

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