I Am A Filipino Married To A British Citizen, What Would Be My Requirements In Getting A Visa For UK?


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My boyfriend is a british citizen and were planning to get married here in the philippines. I'm wondering what shall we do so that he will be able to bring me to UK. I'm aware that we might have problems because he not financially stable. What is the best thing for us to do?
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You will need necessary documents like bank accounts statement of your husband in the UK, evidences that you are together in the Philippines, eg. Plane tickets, photos, hotel receipts etc..The most important is the evidence that your husband has a stable life in the UK and not just relying on benefits. Hope I helps you.
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You would be applying for UK Spouse Visa. For this you should submit your marriage certificate, all your past correspondence which show that you two were been intact, valid passport, application form etc. The other things which the visa officer will look is the status of your spouse in UK. If your spouse is well settled then you will not have any problem in getting the visa. To know all the requirements for applying spouse visa of UK, you should visit UK Official Immigration Website.

You will get 2 years immigration visa and after 3 years of your marriage you will be able to apply for citizenship.

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I have a Filipino husband and we have had a solicitor who has taken our money and not done their job, told us lies... so we are now in limbo! We have have a lot of people saying how much we need, but we got a refusal that told us if the money was in my account, my husband would be here now. So why am I being given so many different tales?

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Sorry to hear about your problems. Have you considered reaching out to your local MP's office? Maybe they can put some pressure on the immigration service so that you get a better explanation of what's going on.

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