How Far Is It Between Yaransk, Russia And Moscow, Russia?


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The distance between Saransk and Moscow is 630 km (about 390 miles). Saransk lies 630 km east of Moscow. This distance can be easily covered by using the Saransk-Moscow highway which has recently been upgraded.

Saransk is a city in central European Russia and is the capital of the republic of Mordovia. It is located along River Insar in the Volga River basin. There is industrial activity in this town which includes production of chemicals, electric cable, decorative cloth and food products. The city has 2 thermal power stations. This city has a train station since 1893 located on the Rusaevka-Kazan rail route, along the highway. It is most known for its historic architectural sites curtailing from its early settlement in 1641.
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Is it true that telephones are only for internal usage inside Yaransk, and if a person wants to call international then you have to go to post office? Thanks
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At the moment (31 January 07) it is about -10 C in Yaransk, mmmm, nice.... (er, not really).

The straight line distance (says Google Earth) is about 661 km / 411 miles.

BEWARE.  There seem to be a few Internet scams going of young women claiming to be from Yaransk (or other places in Russia) who befriend foreign men over the Internet.  They build up a relationship, and say they'll travel to go visit the guy, if he'll just send some money to cover the cost of the getting to him.  The bloke sends the money, and never hears from her again.
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You don't really believe that crap about Yaransk phones only being used for internal use do you? Are you kidding me? Didn't we leave the stone age a long time ago? No, to answer your question, of course it is not true. Common sense should tell you that.

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