How do I book a ticket if I want to travel to Dubai on Monday?


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Adila Adila answered

First of all, I think that depends on where in the world you are. If you are in the UK I'd say go onto otherwise you'll just need to look up on the internet some quick and cheap Holiday websites and book online by giving the normal details of how many people, hotel and rooms,price package and what kind of package deal you want (Including 3 meals a day etc).

It's really not that hard, you'll obviously need your passport, visa and other formalities beforehand. Just make sure you have them at the ready since you don't have long! It might not cost you that much because last minute deals aren't always that expensive. But again like I said, depends where you are the rates might be higher or lower. Good Luck.

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ly fen chen answered

Firstly, you have to choose the air-companies then you compare or choose what you want, and write down your name as it must be the same your passport and your passport number with your date of birth as well. So you can start to book your ticket with the fly that you like, of course, with the price too.

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