What Is The Distance By Car Between Mexico Beach Florida And Orlando Florida?


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When traveling by car, the approximate distance between Mexico Beach, FL and Orlando, FL is 339 miles. This is the route that takes the US-98 W and is about a six hour car journey. Alternatively, the US-27 Alt N and US-98 W route is 331 miles in distance and takes just a few minutes more in journey time. Another suggested route is the I-75 N and I-10 W, which will take an additional half an hour.

All three routes contain toll roads and either follow along the coast or just inland of it. As there is not much time difference between the three options, choosing a route is simply down to personal preference.

• Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach is a city located within the Bay County in Florida. Its small population was only just over 1,000 in the 2010 census and just 500 households were recorded. With a total area of just 1.3 square miles, the nearest city that is slightly larger in size is Port St. Joe. Mexico Beach is quite popular with tourists looking to escape the busy areas of Florida. The huge sand dunes and clear seas are seen as an ideal getaway.

• Orlando

Orlando, Florida is completely the opposite to Mexico Beach. With a population reaching numbers over two million, it is one of the most major cities in Florida. Famous for its theme parks, beaches and Lake Buena Vista, Orlando is a huge tourist attraction.

Traveling between Mexico Beach, Florida and Orlando, Florida can be done by car in just over six hours. The three main routes that can be taken do not differ much in distance, none of which are more than 340 miles. A short distance to travel for such a stark difference in cities.

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