How Far Is It From Midland Ontario Canada To Niagara Falls Ontario Canada?


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Driving: 160 miles / 257 km / 3 hours in the car.

Route map and directions.

Straightline distance (from Google Earth) is 125 miles / 201 km .  A lot further to drive because of getting around the Great Lakes.
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Canada and the United States of America are virtual neighbours. The beauty of one natural boundary is unparalleled, the Niagara Falls. All three, the United States of America, Canada and the Niagara Falls, are hot tourist destinations. The Niagara Falls is not only picturesque and a natural wonder, but the falls also form the natural divide between the tow countries. It can be accessed from either side and has added to the tourism boom witnessed by the United States of America and Canada.

Quebec is the closest region to the Niagara Falls, from the Canadian side. This province in Eastern Canada attracts tourists all year round because of this proximity to the falls. The humid and pleasant climate of Quebec, doubled by the presence of the Niagara Falls, makes it possible for vacationers in Canada to gain easy access to the natural wonder. Other than Quebec, the Niagara Falls can also be easily accessed from Montreal, Ontario and Toronto in Canada. Quebec being very close to the border, the falls can be accessed via a number of special tours organized within the city. Some tours to the Niagara Falls are part of the holiday package agreed on, while some can be accessed online or while in Canada, for a reasonable fee.

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