What Is The Closest City In Quebec, Canada To Niagara Falls In Canada?


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The Niagara Falls are on the border between New York State and the Canadian province of Ontario -- not Quebec. There are towns called Niagara Falls on both sides of the USA-Canadian border. The combined population of these two towns (closely linked) is 134,000 -- some would call those two together a "small city".

The nearest big city to Niagara Falls -- in the USA, is Buffalo NY, almost 300,000 people, almost 10 miles away .
The nearest big city to Canadian Niagara Falls -- in the USA, is Hamilton Ontario (popn=311,000), about 70 km away.

Quebec Province: The nearest city in Quebec province to Niagara Falls is Montreal. Montreal has a population of 1.58 million at the last Census, and is about 450 km away (straight line distance, not by road).

Going by road is a lot further, because of having to circumnavigate Lake Ontario. About 650 km, almost 7 hours of driving from Montreal to Niagara Falls.

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