How Far Is It From Washington To Niagara Falls?


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Niagara Falls is only three hundred and eight miles away from Washington D.C.  In other words, it is at a distance of four hundred and ninety six kilometers.  However the driving distance could vary between the two places. The best and most economical way to get there is by road. There are many American tour buses that drive from Washington to Niagara Falls.

One must not forget to carry details such as birth certificate and a valid passport along with their license as this place is located at the border.
Now since Niagara Falls lies between Canada and America, it has a common toll free no 1-800-780-5753. There are several excellent hotels here and the prices are not at all exorbitant. The website provides with all details such as the climate and temperature along with all the restaurants and hotels available to suit one's budget.

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