How Many Miles Would It Be From Rhode Island To Alaska?


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Flight mileage from RH to AL is 3472 miles or 5588 km
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There are two Rhode Islands in the United States. The first is Rhode Island in New York. It is located in Chenango County. Its coordinates are 42:40:44N and 75:48:00W. The distance from here to Anchorage, Alaska is three thousand one hundred and eighty four miles or five thousand one hundred and twenty four kilometres. This distance can be expressed in terms of two thousand seven hundred and sixty seven nautical miles. The heading a person will have to take is towards the northwest. This distance is however in a straight line and will differ greatly by road. There is a Rhode Island in Texas as well, within Freestone County and has the coordinates of 31:48:55N and 96:13:52W. The distance from here to Alaska is three thousand one hundred and five miles or four thousand nine hundred and ninety seven kilometres.

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