How Many Miles/kilometres Is It From Alaska To Australia?


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Counting from Juneau, Alaska to Canberra, Australia (respective capitals of both places) the distance is roughly 7816 miles (that is, 12577 kilometres).

Juneau (officially the City and Borough of Juneau) refers to a unified municipality which you will find on the Gastineau Channel situated on the Alexander Archipelago which is in Alaska. As per the 2000 census, 30,711 belonged to the City and Borough. Juneau gets its name from Joe Juneau, who was a gold prospector.

Canberra is not only the capital city of Australia but Australia's largest inland city. It is home to over 332,000 people. You will find Canberra at the northern edge of the Australian Capital Territory. It's about 300 kilometres (that is 190 miles) to the south west of Sydney while it's 650 kilometres (that is, 400 miles) to the north-east of Melbourne.

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