Where Are The Places Of Interest To Visit In Salisbury, Wiltshire?


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The best known place in Salisbury itself is probably the medieval cathedral. It is a really lovely building; even people who don't normally care about visiting cathedrals are usually impressed (the spire is the tallest in Britain.).Nearby is Cathedral Close; the whole area around the cathedral is well worth a visit.

The central Market Square is a beautiful traditional spot too, especially if you can go on a market day (I know there are markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and probably others too.) Generally it's a nice city to wander about in, have a meal by the river (or one of the rivers - there are several) or maybe do something different like see a play (the Youth Theatre is especially good.)

Outside the city, the obvious place to visit is Stonehenge; and on a clear day, Salisbury Plain as a whole is a great area for a drive.

If you take a look at the salisbury tourism website you can get some omre ideas there.

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