How Long Does It Take To Receive A Canadian Passport?


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It only takes about 1 week
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I submitted my Canadian Passport for renewal to Canada House in London. How long does it take and how can I check the progress? Anyone know as it has been over three weeks and they said 15 days?
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Provided that all paper work is in order, it usually takes about 3 weeks for applicants to receive their Canadian passports. Nevertheless, ever since January 2007, when the US began requiring Canadians entering the States by air to carry a passport, passport requests have increased very significantly and as of March 2007, it can take 9 weeks for applicants to receive their new passports. This includes not only those applicants who submit their request by post, but also those doing so in person at a passport office.

Additionally, incomplete applications can further delay a passport request. As such, it is absolutely key that the applicant produce proof of their Canadian citizenship--which may include a provincial birth certificate, or a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship--as well as two photos that meet Passport Canada's rather stringent requirements. This now also means that it is no longer permitted to smile on your passport photo.

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