How Can Grandchildren Obtain British Citizenship?


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In case of people whose parents are settled in Great Britain or whose parents are British Citizens, British Citizenship is automatically provided. Those who are domiciled overseas the process of inheriting British Citizenship does not as such continue over the generations. As such grandchildren of those residing overseas do not get awarded overseas. These grandchildren generally become citizens of their own domicile countries. To make ones grandchildren permanent residents in the United Kingdom they have to be made to stay in the UK for a period of five years. A permanent residence is the first step in gaining citizenship to the United Kingdom.

Citizenship is different from Nationality. The former has to be acquired while the later is awarded due to birth. As per the British Nationality Act 1981 there are certain classes of people that are considered to be of British Nationality. These include Full British Citizens, British Overseas citizens, British Nationals, British Dependent Territories Citizen and Citizens of British Protectorates.

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