What Vaccinations Do I Need For Travel To Singapore?


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Vaccinations are not required for visiting Singapore unless you have
traveled to or transited an area which is yellow fever infected. Other then that, Singapore is relatively high in hygiene and health care standards. In Singapore, you are perfectly safe from water-borne or food-borne diseases. It is recommended though to take flu vaccine just to prevent from contracting any flu symptom that might ruin your stay in Singapore.

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Yellow fever certificate needed if coming from infected area. All the other vaccinations you require have been answered by other people and this is the only thing that was not mentioned.
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If you would like to visit Singapore, it is recommended for you to take vaccination for various kinds of diseases prevalent in Singapore, as there is a high chance of contracting a disease in a place which is foreign to you. It is advisable for you to take vaccination under the supervision of a doctor.

The following medical vaccinations are required if you want to travel to Singapore: Hepatitis A before two weeks of visit, Hepatitis B is to avoid any diseases occurring due to expose to blood, Japanese encephalitis should be taken four weeks before the visit, rabies to avoid diseases caused due to expose towards wild and domestic animals, typhoid- to avoid typhoid and booster doses of measles, tetanus, diphtheria.

Visit the following link to get a list of vaccinations you should take before visiting Singapore: .

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