What Vaccinations Do I Need To Go To Thailand?


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If you are travelling to Thailand, it is important that you know about the vaccinations that you need to take and the vaccinations that are recommended you take only so that you are secure. The only vaccination certificate that might be required at the immigration and while passing you visa is the yellow fever vaccination which is supposed to be taken at least 10 days before you travel.

Other vaccinations whose certificate are not required but are recommended is Typhoid which should be taken at least 10 days before you travel, Hepatitis A which should be taken two weeks before you travel and Tuberculosis which should be taken three months before you travel. Other vaccinations like Tick-borne encephalitis and Meningococcal meningitis is not required.
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Going to Thailand in march 2010 is there any outbreaks and what are the main vacs I need
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Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for all travellers over one year of age. Typhoid vaccine is recommended for all travellers, with the exception of short-term visitors who restrict their meals to major restaurants and hotels, such as business travellers. Japanese encephalitis vaccine is recommended only for long-term (1 month) travellers to rural areas or travellers who may engage in extensive unprotected outdoor activities in rural areas, especially in the evening, during shorter trips. Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for travellers who will have intimate contact with local residents or potentially need blood transfusions or injections while abroad, especially if visiting for more than six months. It is also recommended for all health care personnel. Rabies vaccine is recommended only for those at high risk for animal bites, such as veterinarians and animal handlers, and for long-term travellers who may have contact with animals and may not have access to medical care. Diphtheria vaccine is recommended for all travellers who have not received a Diphtheria immunization within the last 10 years. Yellow fever vaccine is required for all travellers greater than one year of age arriving from a yellow-fever-infected country in Africa or the Americas or from a country in the endemic zones, but is not recommended or required otherwise.
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Risk of mefloquine resistant falciparum malaria all year in rural forested border areas with Laos,Burma and Cambodia as well as Ko Chang Island. No risk in main tourist areas. Take doxycycline or malarone.

Tetanus booster required if not had one in last ten years. 3 injections a month apart.
Polio. Booster required if not had one last ten years. Full course needed(drops monthly for 3 months).

Dental procedures can be risky too.

BCG reduces risk of TB.

Yellow fever certificate needed if coming from infected area
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Going to phuket for two weeks in june do we need any vaccinations

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