How Many Miles/kilometres Is London To Chelmsford?


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The distance between London, United Kingdom and Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom is approximately 36 miles which equals to approximately 58 kilometres. It takes about just an hour to reach Chelmsford from London. The weather of both these places is pretty much the same at a given time but it is not advisable travelling during extreme weather such as rain or snow as some of the roads and highways would be blocked due to it. Some of the highways that you might have to stick to while travelling are A302, A3211, A1211, A11 and such similar highways. You also have to stick to some of the streets while reaching the destination which are Goodman's Yard, Bow Road, Gallows Corner Roundabout, New London Road, Victoria Road and many more such similar roads.
People usually take the road while travelling there as the distance is quite short but you can also take a train in case you want to reach the destination faster.

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