How Many Miles/kilometres To Drive From Canton Ohio To Corolla NC?


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The distance from Canton Ohio to Corolla North Carolina is 432 miles or 696 kilometres. However, this distance has been calculated through calculating the latitude and longitude of the two places and the actually driving distance from Canton Ohio to Corolla North Carolina is about 623 miles. The total driving time has been estimated to be approximately 11 hours. I have a link to a webpage which will give you a detailed driving direction list. To go to the webpage directly, you can enter the following link:

Corolla is a community located in the Township of Currituck County in North Carolina. It lies along the outer banks of the north. The community's population is only about 500 people and 119 wild horses which are located north of the populated area of Corolla. The herd is preserved and protected through a public charity called the Wild Horse fund. Corolla is also home to one of the seven lighthouses in North Carolina called the Currituck Lighthouse.

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