How Many Miles Between Valencia, Spain And Alicante, Spain?


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The total distance between Valencia, Spain and Alicante, Spain is approximately 113.1 miles. Valencia is a famous city in Spain, and the third largest in the entire country.

The city was initially known as "Valentia", which means "Strenghth" and later Balansiya during the rule of Muslim kings in Spain. The biggest square in Valencia is Placa de l'Ajuntament, which consists of a town hall and theatre which show traditional movies. The primeval winding boulevards of the Barrio del Carmen comprise of structures from the Roman and Arabic era.

According to census reports the total area of Valencia was estimated to be 134.65 square miles. As of 2006, the total population of this region was said to be 807,396, having an average population density of 5,916 per square kilometer.

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