How Many Miles Is It Between Pembroke Pines And Tampa?


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Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States is approximately 192.1 miles (that is, 309.2 kilometres) away Tampa, Florida, United States. It is about 167.0 nautical miles away.    Pembroke Pines is a city found in Broward County which is in Florida. As per the 2000 census Pembroke Pines was home to 137,427 individuals. Later, as per 2004 estimates given by the U.S. Census Bureau, it held 150,104 inhabitants. As per Bureau estimates, the city's area is 89.2 square kilometres (that is, 34.4 square miles). Of this, 85.6 square kilometres (that is, 33.0 square miles) is land while 3.6 square kilometres (that is, 1.4 square miles) which is about 4.01 per cent would be water.    Tampa, on the other hand, is a Hillsborough County city, positioned on Florida's west coast. It's Hillsborough County's county seat.  The 2005 Census estimates put Tampa's population count within the city limits at 333,040 residents.

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