How Many Miles Is It Between San Marcos, TX And Houston, TX?


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San Marcos, Texas, United States is situated approximately 155.1 miles (that is, 249.5 kilometres) away from Houston, Texas, United States. It is roughly 134.7 nautical miles away.

The city of San Marcos, as per the 2000 census was home to 34,733 residents. It is also Hays County's county seat. Here you will find Texas State University-San Marcos (which used to be called South west Texas State University). Another factoid is that San Marcos is the sole habitat available for the Texas Blind Salamander (that is, Eurycea rathbuni) which is essentially an endangered species. You will find the Aquarena Springs ecological education centre in the city as well.

Houston, on the other hand, is the biggest city you will find in Texas. It also ranks fourth in city-size in the United States. As per the 2005 Census Houston was home to over 2 million inhabitants. Houston is also the county seat belonging to Harris County.

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