How Far Is Basingstoke From Portsmouth?


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The distance between Basingstoke and Portsmouth is roughly 31.1 miles or 50.1 kilometres; it roughly 27.1 nautical miles away. The coordinates of Portsmouth would be 50°49′N, 1°05′W while that of Basingstoke would be 51°16'N 1.08° W.

Basingstoke would be a big town which is the third largest settlement belonging to the County of Hampshire situated in South East England. You will find it 77 km (that is, 48 miles) southwest of London as well as 48 km (that is, 30 miles) north of Southampton. Portsmouth, on the other hand, is a city of approximately 189,000 persons which can be found in the county of Hampshire as well on the southern coast in the United Kingdom. It has been a noteworthy naval port for centuries and is popularly home to the planet's oldest dry dock which is still in use as well as too many famous ships.

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