How Far Is Cumbria From London?


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The distance between the centre of Cumbria and the centre of London is just shy of 330 miles. This is very little in comparison to many journeys made in the United States, but is still rather far! If you’re planning on travelling by the car, then you can expect to be travelling for between five and six hours, depending on how many stops you intend to make during the way.

If you have family in between, then it’s perhaps a good idea to stay over to make sure you’re refreshed and able to carry on driving, without getting too tired. Failing that, you should perhaps book into a hotel or a travel lodge on the way, these can often be found along the sides of the major motorways.

If you want more precise information about how far Cumbria is from London, then the Internet is an essential resource. Using great online sources like Google and Bing, you can use online maps to help you find out precisely how long your journey will take, whether you’re travelling by car or via public transport. Booking train tickets is your other option, it’s much quicker, but can be rather expensive. And of course, if you’re going away for a few days, you won’t be able to take as much with you. High-speed train services that depart every hour from London Euston can take you to Carlisle and Oxenholme Lake District in three hours, with connections to other stations like Windermere.

Weigh up what you need to take with you when you’re travelling from London to Cumbria, and you’ll be able to decide which way of travelling is the best. The only other way of travelling, perhaps if it’s an important business trip, is via an internal flight.
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The distance between Cumbria and London is 328 miles. Interpreting the distance into time taken to reach London from Cumbria, it will take an estimate of 5 hours and 53 minutes. The information is available at

There are spaces provided in the website for you to type the 'from' place and the 'to' place. Now you should hit 'enter' and wait for the driving directions to pop up. On the right side of the website is the imagery of the route given in the form of an interactive map. It comes with a special zoom feature for enhanced viewing.

Cumbria is a county in the north west part of England. London is the biggest city and capital of England. It is the capital of the UK and one of the most important commercial centres in the world.

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