How Many Miles Are From Virginia To California?


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If you're travelling from the American state of Virginia to the American state of California you will have to travel a total distance of 3687 kilometres which translates in to a total distance of 2291 miles. The distance between the two states in nautical miles is 1991.    Virginia is situated at  Longitude 75°13'W to 83°37'W and Latitude 36°31'N to 39°37'N. It is often referred to as the Mother of U.S. Presidents owing to the fact that so many American Presidents came from this state. The list includes Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Woodrow Wilson and John Tyler.    California is a state that is definitely a global leader in the field of information and technology. In fact it has been correctly observed that had the American state of California been a country it would have had an economy which would make it to the top ten economies in the world. Its capital city is Sacramento but its largest city is the famous Los Angeles.

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