How Many Miles Are There Between Kentucky And Virginia?


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There are 421 miles between Kentucky and Virginia. If you plan to drive the distance, it will take you approximately 7 and a half hours, not including rest breaks.
As you leave Kentucky, you need to head northeast on Red House Road and head towards Sam Jones. Continue onto Boonesborough Road and around 2.2 miles, turn left when the road veers that way to ensure you stay on Boonesborough Road. Continue for another 3 miles and then turn right on KY-627 North on Boonebovouch Road. After 6.8 miles turn left onto Bypass Road. You must turn right to merge onto I-64 East towards Ashland. This will be a partial toll road and you pass through West Virginia and then enter Virginia.
After 337 miles, take exit 56 to merge onto I-81 South towards Roanoke then take exit 188A to merge onto US-60 E/E Midland trail towards Buena Vista. Continue to follow the US-60 east for another 30 miles. You will come to a roundabout where you must continue straight to remain on the US-60 E/E and will be on Lexington Avenue. Veer right onto State Route 654 and after 7.7 miles you will turn left onto VA 24 east onto Old Courthouse Road. Continue to follow the VA-24 east then turn right onto Francisco Road which is State Route 636. After two and a half miles there will be a sharp right turning onto State Route 640, Woolridge Road. Turn right and you will have reached your destination of Virginia.
If you plan to drive, ensure you take plenty of rest stops and it is best to travel with a driving partner who can take turns of the driving so you each have plenty of rest.
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How many miles are there between Louisville, Kentucky and Charlottesville, Virginia?
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The simplest way to calculate the approximate distance between the state of Kentucky and the state of Virginia is to find out the distance between the main city in the state of Kentucky (namely Louisville) and the main city in the state of Virginia (namely Richmond).

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I have know idea but one way is to find the time in both states and go from there

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