How Many Miles Are There From Connecticut To Virginia?


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The distance from Connecticut to Virginia is approximately 513 miles. That means that if you're driving from one state to the other, chances are your travelling time will be around nine hours, or more precisely eight hours and forty eight minutes. In order to be sure that you're on the right route ensure that you head southwest toward Thorpe Avenue from Fleming Road and pass the Cross Bronx Expressway.

The capital of the American state of Connecticut is Hartford. It biggest city is however Bridgeport. It is the fourth most densely populated state in the USA, the 48th area wise and the 29th most populated state. It is the home of the famous Yale University which is one of the richest universities in America.

The capital of the State of Virginia is Richmond. Its biggest city is however the City of Virginia Beach. Interestingly this illustrious American state was named after the British monarch Queen Elizabeth I whose nickname was the Virgin Queen.
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Virginia is a southern state in the United States. This place is named after Queen Elizabeth I of England who was known by the nickname of the Virgin Queen. Virginia was one of the original thirteen states of America. Connecticut is also the name of a state located in the northeastern part of the United States. It was also one of the thirteen original colonies of America. There are many cities and towns in both these states and as you haven't specifically mentioned the actual place it would be very difficult to give you the distance.

The best and easiest way of calculating distances is by enlisting the help of distance calculators. They are toolbars found on the internet which help people to easily calculate the distance between places without much time or effort. There are several such distance calculators to be found on the internet. Though maps and atlases are also useful for finding out distances they are more tedious and time consuming than distance calculators which give you the answer needed in an instant.
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If you measure the straight line flight distance ("as the crow flies") from the center of each state, the total distance from Connecticut to Virginia is 391 miles or 629 kilometers.

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