How Do You Get A Visa For Uganda?


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Getting a tourist visa to visit Uganda is fairly straight-forward. In most cases, a Ugandan visa can be obtained at the port of entry for a fee of $50, however if you prefer to apply in advance, or if your stay is for a purpose other than short-stay tourism, then you will want to contact your nearest Ugandan Embassy, consulate or high commission.

How do I apply for a Ugandan visa?

Uganda is a country which lies in the east of Africa surrounded by Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda.

You can obtain an single entry tourist visa at any of the country's main entry points - but you will be required to have the following documentation to support your application:

  • A valid passport (usually with 6 months left before expiry)
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • A certificate of yellow fever vaccination
  • An onward or return air-plane ticket
Entebbe airport is the country's main international airport and is located South-west of the capital Kampala. On arrival at the airport you may also be required to fill in an arrivals card before you are granted a visa.

As mentioned above, the cost of a single entry visa is currently $50. For other types of visa, the prices will vary accordingly:
  • Multiple entry (valid for 6 months): $200
  • Transit visa (valid for 1 week): $50

Do I need a visa to travel to Uganda?

The other thing I'd advise you do before travelling to Uganda and parting with any cash is to make sure that citizens of your country are actually required to obtain a visa to enter Uganda - as Uganda permits citizens of several countries entry without a visa.

I'd recommend looking at a website like VisaHQ or contacting your closest Ugandan visa authority to double-check.

Finally, if you are planning to enter Uganda through a land border, I'd also recommend contacting the Ugandan embassy or consulate for advice.

As I understand it, in most cases people who enter by land from a neighbouring country are usually given a temporary pass and are then required to visit the immigration HQ in Kampala. To be on the safe side, I'd check with the relevant authority before travelling.

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