Can I Get My Visa Required For Entry Into Uganda At Entebbe Airport Or Do I Need One Before I Leave The U.S.?


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American Nationals do need to get a visa for entry into Uganda. Visa to Uganda is issued at Uganda missions abroad and entry points such as Entebbe International Airport. You would need a valid passport, International Inoculation certificate against yellow fever, and you would also need to pay the visa fee along with the application. For information see the link below:
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I am a U.S citizen travelling to Uganda Africa, I want to be clear if I can get my Visa after I arrive of I need it before?
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I am a Cambodian Passport Holder in planning to attend a workshop in Uganda in December and would like to know how I can get a visa before leaving. I know that the closest Mission is in Thailand. Can I apply through the mission in Thailand or am I required to send it through the embassy in China as instructed by a travel agent here.... HELP!!!

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