Where Does Continental Airlines Fly To?


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Continental Airlines fly to a range of different places which are both international and also within the US. They are a major domestic flight company that has major hubs within Clevend, Los Angeles, Huston Intercontinental Airport and Newark.

Each of the hub airports fly to different destinations and each destination can be subject to seasonal timings. To find out the correct information it is best to visit the company’s website here you can find out the entire up to the minute flight listings, bookings and seating plans for a flight with Continental Airlines.  The website is very easy to navigate and they allow you any option from their booking form, from any other cities they fly from to the cities they fly to and they also feature the following selections to make your booking run smoothly; a search for specific dates, lower fares that are +/-3 days or flexible dates, whether you would like to fly economy, business or first class and a large section on who is going to be travelling.

The site also features something that other websites do not and that is a fare preference section where you can not only compare the fare types but also choose which type of fare you want to display; lowest available fare, flexible fare, unrestricted fare and by specific class of service (Y, B, M) and they also have a very handy help button.

So if you are planning to travel within the US or are looking to travel either for business or for pleasure internationally check Continental Airlines website so you can see exactly where, when and at what cost do they fly to and from. If you have a pet you wish to transport they even have a policy and requirement arrangements so that your beloved animal can travel with you in style.
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Dubuque Iowa
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Does CO have a flight from   fort Myers FL to Syracuse NY   /?
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Visit    This will show you both domestic and international route maps for Continental.  Their major hubs are Newark, Huston's Intercontinental Airport, Clevend, and Los Angeles.  Continental is also one of the few domestic U.S. Carriers that services Guam.

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