What Is Needed Before Traveling To Canada?


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When one starts the planning to visit Canada he should have all the realistic resources, information, tools and proper guide who will guide and tell him about the culture, cities, famous places and their history and so on. One should

• Have a great booking place to stay
• Know how to Clear customs
• Know the place for Exchanging currency
• Know where to get a rental car
• Know the speedy and comfortable ways to travel

Full documents:

If some one is skiing lover then he should know the top season in British Columbia for skiing, in Saskatchewan for golfing or in Quebec for harvesting maple syrup. One should know the best season in which they could go to Canada. Passport and visit requirements should be complete. One should have a Canada's map. There are lots of information on Canadian currency matters, banking hours, travel insurance tips, public holidays and so on.

Common things:
When travelling in winters warm clothes are necessary. Wind proof jackets or cloths are ideal.
Don't misjudge how chilly it can get or how much the climate can vary everyday. Bring hats, scarf, Gloves, joggers and socks to keep your self warm in winter season so that frostbite won't happen.
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As of the first of this year (2007) you need a passport to go to Canada. Used to be a valid DL was enough - but not anymore.

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