What Is The Closest American City To Edmonton, Alberta?


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Montana is the closest American city to Edmonton, Alberta. The journey could take over 11 hours by car. First head towards Red Deer, then Calgary, the Lethbridge and Great Falls before you finally entering the United States and arriving in Montana. It is an extremely long drive and drivers are recommended to take frequent breaks and spread this journey over two days unless there are multiple drivers who can share the driving whilst napping in between drives. Check Google Maps, a map book or use a satellite navigation system to help you find the way. If you take the AB2 South, you could complete the journey in 10 hours and 19 minutes and you will travel 934km. This time does not include the breaks which will be necessary.
A quicker option would be to fly to Montana from Edmonton. Flights cost from $270 and it is best to book early for the best value ticket. Booking a return flight usually works out to be the best value for money.
You should be aware that if you are not an American or Canadian citizen, you will need a visa to enter America, even if you are only staying for a short amount of time to renew a visa.

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