What Is The Closest Beach To Arkansas?


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You don't say where in Arkansas, so this is not an easy question to answer. You also don't say what kind of beach that you are looking for; whether it is a sandy beach by the ocean or a river beach. I will give a selection of a few here for you but if you want to look for more, take a look at this site because it gives details of lots of different types of beaches, and also lots of other facts about Arkansas:

If you enjoy fishing, then Lake Bob Kidd at Prairie Grove is a good choice. This lake is famed for bluegills, crappies, largemouth bass, redears and channel catfish. It may not be a very big lake but it is well stocked with fish.

The beach at Elk River is at Bentonville. The headwaters for this river start in Big Sugar Creek near Seligman, Missouri and Little Sugar Creek near Bentonville, Arkansas, and merge to form the Elk River near Pineville, Missourito.

If you want to visit the Crystal Lake Beach at Gravette, you will find signs that mark the two turnoffs to the lake; one on Arkansas Highway 59, one mile north of Decatur and the other on Arkansas Highway 102, one mile east of Decatur. You will find a concrete boat ramp there, as well as a parking area and a picnic area.

The fourth beach on the list is the one at Lake Hogue at Trumann. To get there, take the Arkansas Highway 956, which turns west off US Highway 49 between Waldenburg and Weiner. There is a concrete boat ramp, a fishing pier, ac courtesy dock and wheelchair access. You will also find a primitive camping area close by should you wish to spend more time at the beach.

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