What Is The Closest Ocean Beach To Hot Springs Arkansas?


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Using maps and atlases, it would appear that the closest ocean to Arkansas is the North Atlantic Ocean. The nearest coastline to Hot Springs, Arkansas would be that of the Gulf of Mexico, which meets the North Atlantic Ocean and is surrounding by states such as Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are abundant, but it would appear that one of the nearest to Hot Springs, Arkansas, is Grand Isle of Louisiana. This beach is located off LA Highway 1. For locals, the main source of income lies in tourism, seafood and oil. The population of Isle Grand is small, with less than 2000 people, although during its busiest tourist seasons, the population can swell to over 10,000 people. If you are driving from Arkansas to Grand Isle, the distance and length of the journey will vary depending upon which route you choose to take. However, generally you should expect to spend approximately 10 hours and the road, and to travel around 550 miles between Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Of course, some of the warmest and most beautiful beaches are located in Florida, on either of the east or west coastlines. Beaches on the west coast, which are closer to Hot Springs, Arkansas than the beaches on the east coast, include Caladesi Island State Park beach, Clearwater beach, Lido beach, Madeira beach, Sand Key, Siesta Key and St Pete beach. Although these are a further drive from Arkansas than the Louisiana beach, they are more spectacular and certainly worth the extra journey. The drive from Hot Springs, Arkansas to Florida's west coast is will take between 17 and 18 hours, depending on which route you take. The journey is over 1000 miles. However, there are plenty interesting sights to see and things to experience in between!

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