What Time Does Bus To New York City From Salisbury Md?


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The distance from Salisbury, Maryland (MD) to New York City on the roads is approximately 230 miles, which would take around four hours and 30 minutes. The fastest routes will take you through New Jersey, although this means you will have to travel along a number of toll roads. As this trip is long-distance rather than a local trip, you will have to book a place on a coach or a bus in order to make this trip via public transport. A one-way trip between Salisbury and New York City will cost you around $120.

There are a number of reputable travel companies online whom you can use in order to book your journey from Salisbury to New York City. One such company is This website will allow you to choose your departure area (in this case, Salisbury), your destination (New York City) and the date on which you wish to travel. It will then provide you with a list of buses and coaches available on that date which will be suitable for your travel needs. You can use this website to book the transportation as well, meaning you don't need to visit more than one website to get the job done!

Another great website which provides a similar service is This website is perhaps more comprehensive and professional than Trailways. It allows you to choose the same details such as departure date, destination and number of travelers, but is easier to use and provides information such as the length of time and the distance of the journey.

Of course, you may find a better deal if you choose to travel by airplane. The Salisbury Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport has two flights available to New York City per day, and will substantially reduce the length of time your journey will take.

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