Can I Go To Cyprus With A Schengen Visa?


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Whilst this may sound like a fairly straight-forward question, the answer is actually not that simple! For the time being, anyone holding a a Schengen visa that entitles them to travel within the SChengen area will be allowed into Cyprus.

However, it is currently being debated (as of June 2012) whether Cyprus will issue Schengen visa's itself.

Who can use a Schengen visa to enter Cyprus?

As the rules currently stand, any holder of a valid Schengen visa (including single, double and multiple entries of the type C visa) is allowed into Cyprus providing they entered the Schengen area through another country (for example Greece).

Once a person is in Cyprus, a Schengen visa is valid until its expiration date.This means that anyone who doesn't plan to visit another Schengen area state will need to apply directly for a Cypriot Visa.

The reason for the Cyprus visa complication

If you're wondering why the visa application to Cyprus is so unusually complicated, it is because the country is currently in the middle of a dispute between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

The conflict centers around the sovereignty of the northern part of the island. The ethnic Turkish north is currently trying to establish itself as a separate state, however the only country to fully recognize the new state is Turkey itself. Until the situation is resolved, it is unclear whether Cyprus can be classified as fully compliant with the Schengen agreement.

For further information regarding the visa application process for travelling to Cyprus, and a list of supporting documentation you may require, I'd suggest you check out the website of your closest Cypriot Embassy or consulate, or even pay them a visit.

For American citizens, the Embassy of Cyprus is located in Washington D.C.- and their website is full of relevant visa information.
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Use your Schengen visa to enter Cyprus with no need of a Cypriot visa!
On the 4th of March 2009 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus announced new special measures to increase tourism with regards to the current world economic crisis. These measures are geared for all those from non-EU countries holding valid Schengen entry visas, as follows:
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No you can't go to Cyprus with a Schengen visa because Cyprus is not in Schengen. They are not members of the Schengen countries.
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A very new rules has been activated. The other guy has said correct. You can now enter cyprus with a schengen visa if you have residence permit in any EU country and has visited at least one schengen country with that schengen visa. I contacted the cyprus high commission in london.They ensured me and I have also seen this in their updated website.
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Even though Cyprus is part of the European Union, it did not sign the Schengen Agreement, so if you are a non-European passport holder, you need to apply for a visa.
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I'm living in Germany and I have a residence visa from Germany. I called the embassy and they said to me if you are not married from Germany, you will need a visa.

Cyprus is not in a Schengen area , you need an extra visa if you are not from the EU.

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