How I Get Schengen Visa From Pakistan?


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At this time Pakistan is not an active member for the Schengen Visa. You can use the following link to apply for the Schengen Visa.
The website provides the Visa application in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It can be issued to citizens of countries who must have a visa before traveling to Europe. It is a visitor style visa card that has 15 member countries including Germany, Belgium, Finland, France, and Greece. All of the countries are in Europe and should not be considered part of the EU.

Schengen is a different agreement than the EU agreement. Anyone that obtains the Schengen Visa cannot live permanently or work permanently in Europe. It is designed to be a temporary visa authorization.
If you live in Pakistan you may be able to fill out an application and work in one of the 15 member countries on a temporary basis by doing the following things:
  • The first step is to apply through the Schengen Visa site.
  • Select the application that works best for your level of language skills.
  • Once the application has been filled out and submitted you will have to wait for the application approval.
There is a cost for the application, which should only take five minutes. You may find your initial application is declined due to the need for further information. It is possible to provide that information and get an approval.
The application must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate once you have gathered all the required documents. The website does not issue the visa, but gives you the application necessary to go to the embassy you can get the visa issued from. This is the only way to get the visa in Pakistan.
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I am Pakistani Women I want to visit Spain so please kindly tell me how I can get shengen visa without sponsor
Zille huma
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I have very good business in pakistan I want to visit france and germany pl inform me about the procedure
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I visited schengen states on visit visa this year now I came back in pakistan how I can get again visit visa without sponsor ? What procedure shorted for me to try again this visit visa??

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