How Far Is It From Paris, France To Venice, Italy?


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In terms of flight distance it takes 527 miles or 847 km to travel to Venice Italy, from Paris, France.

  • How to travel to Venice?
The distance mentioned above is how long it takes to travel from Paris to Venice by plane. However, you can travel to the Italian city by other means as well. But whatever your decision you must ensure that you have enough Euros and your passport.

  • Travel by car
Depending on where you are coming of course, you can actually arrive in the city via car. It is important to keep in mind that the city is made up of a number of separate little islands so in order to travel through the city; there are a number of bridges. If you are traveling by car then you will need to head towards Carnnaregio which is one of the districts of Venice.

You will have to travel over a bridge from this district to get to your destination. This is also a good place for you to go if you want to go to other places in Italy as it has a train and bus station for long haul trips.

  • Travel by train
You stated that you wanted to know the distance from Paris to Venice. Well in this case you can travel by train to get to the city because Venetian rails provide a long distance journey. If you are coming from places around Europe then you can also travel into Venice by train.

The Santa Lucia station is the place where the train will arrive in Venice. In addition, you may want to explore other places around Italy so you can consider hopping back on the train and traveling around the country to places such as Rome and Florence.
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The distance between the city of Paris, the capital of France, and the city of Venice in Italy by road is approximately 712 miles, which comes to about 1, 145 kilometres.

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