At 5.30pm Pst What Time Is It In Gmt?


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It is 1:30am in Greenwich Mean Time if it is 5.30pm in Pacific Time.

There are several easy ways to check different times zones in the world with many websites and now phone apps available.

A list of great websites that provide world times are as follows: •
If you head to any of the websites listed above then you will be able to type in specific cities or countries you wish to know the current time of. You can also study the different time zones and also put in a certain time to establish what time that would be in another location.

Also if you are an owner of an iPhone then you can actually use the world clock that is always installed on the handsets.

To access the world clock on an iPhone follow these steps:

• Find the app that says 'Clock'
• Click on this app
• Click on 'World Clock' found on the bottom left
• Click on the '+' symbol
• Type in a city or country you wish to know the current time of

You will also find many apps in the iPhone App Store as well as in the Android Market for other smartphone makes. Some will be free whereas others you may have to pay a small fee to download to your phone. Many computers also have a world clock feature that will help you when working out times across the world.
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At 5.30 eastern time what time is it gmt

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