At 9.30am PST What Time Is GMT?


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PST (Pacific Standard Time) is 8 hours behind GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which means that if the time in a country that uses PST is 9:30 am (morning), then the time will be approximately half past five in the evening (5:30 pm).
Convert websites.

There are several websites on the Internet that have been set up specifically for the purpose to help people figure out what time it is in other time zones.
One of these websites can be accessed by clicking on the following
This websites consists of a table that shows the time in a PST country and the time in a GMT country.

Pacific Time is observed throughout the United States of America and Canada. The phrase Pacific Standard Time is used when the countries are going through the winter season and are observing standard time. Pacific Time is referred to as Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), when these countries are observing daylight saving time in the summer season. During this period of daylight saving time, countries that observe Pacific Time are 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time instead of 8 hours behind.

In Canada, pretty much all of British Columbia observes Pacific Time and all of Tungsten, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. The only parts of British Columbia that do not follow Pacific Time are parts of Dawson Creek, Creston and Fort St. John and the Highway 95 corridor.
United States.

Not all states in the United States follow Pacific Time. The following states do observe Pacific Time: All of California, all of Washington state, the majority of Oregon, the majority of Nevada with the exception of two border towns: Jackpot and West Wendover and the northern half (north of the Salmon River) of Idaho. Some states such as Arizona observe MTZ (Mountain Time Zone) which means that they do not observe daylight saving time like other states.

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