Im nepali guy i wanna go Philippines for tour, do i need to get visa or i can go straight there...? Thanks


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You don\'t need VISA if you have Nepali Passport. You can get  21 days Visa Upon Arrival at any immigration at Port of Philippines for free of cost..  Just you need return ticket and having passport minimum of 6 months validity. If you want to stay more than 21 days then after entering  to the Philippines you can get +38 days visa by applying at near by Immigration Office by paying about 3500 Pesos.. <br><br>Just get the Ticket and Fly with passport and Money as you visit Pokhara for tour..  But TIA Nepal IMMIGRATION takes lil bit time coz they need to ask their superior about VISA UPON arrival coz they they don\'t have PC at their Desk..<br><br>Good Luck c you at Philippines
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Do you have us passport or nepali passport? Contact the embassy there to let them know you are coming to visit , just to be on the safe side, I go in the dry months so I do not have to worry about typhoons , their street turn into rivers then. Feb is a dry month 90 degrees in day time
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I think that you will need a visa .  If you get in touch with your local passport office, they will be able to advise you .

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