Will I Have A British Passport If I Am Married To An English Man?


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You will definetely get a passport but you need to follow these steps:

1- Get you indefinite stamp
2- Buy life in the UK books and sit the exam  (the certificate is valid for two years)
3-Apply for british citizenship but you are going to need your Moroccan passport with all the stamps since you got your first UK visa if you don't have it  you will have to explain the reasons, The application costs about £650.
4-Attend the citizenship ceremony sing the anthem , be sworn in  and get the certificate again(the ceremony is fun and you won't be the only one)
5-need to send the citizenship certificate and other documents to the home office for some checks to be carried out. About two or three weeks you will receive a letter advising you to attend an interview to confirm your identity.If everything is good you should receive your passport after three days.
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Hi I am a Chinese nationality and married a British husband for 9 years, we got a son, she is 7 with his British passport. We have lived in Saudi Arabia for those years. So can I have a British passport as you?
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Well, you definitely can have a British passport if you have a British national as a husband. First of all you would have to apply for British citizenship through your husband of course. In this you would have to give the official proof of your marriage. Your husband would also have to sponsor you in this. After getting the citizenship you would have to live in Britain for some time according to legal procedure.
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The only passport that you will need is one from YOUR country.

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