My Man Lives In Africa How Can I Invite Him To Usa?to Get Married


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I would be very skeptical of anyone you have met on line looking for marriage especially if they want you to get them a visa, give them money and are from Africa in general. Africa is known to have a lot of on line scams and scammer. If you research this and as many dating sites advertise and disclose it is a scam. There are more causation beautiful white women who live in Africa and are on line than you will ever find in Africa if you were to visit the country. I would be very skeptical and cautious in your endeavor with this proposal.
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Michelle New Zealand
Oh, so I guess I know now why you are ignoring me lately, haha. Don't worry Im capable of looking after myself quite well and don't need any man to help me with money or to get out of my country but I will agree with you that about 95% of people online from Africa are fakes
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Like the Count said I will be very careful if I'm you, there are many people trying to leave Africa especially with the things going on here, yes, I am also from South Africa but I have to say not all woman and men are like the Count describe us.  Yes, I could have left my country long ago if I wanted to by just flirting with some men online, I have had many proposals and I actually met someone online from the US which I loved very much but even to him I said no, I won't marry him just to get into the country, if I marry it would be for love, real love and nothing less, we really loved each other but I would have taken a big change because if anything would have happened to him within 3 years I would have been deported right back to Africa even if we got married for real love, so if this man really love you then let him get into the US legally by applying for a work Visa, I did this and I'm leaving my country legally and without any help from any man on the 1st of March I'm finally out of this God forsaken country.

Please make sure this man is who he says he is, because you might regret your decision to marry him if he is not who he say he is and there are many of those here, many that would do anything to get out of Africa

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