I'm A Russian Citizen With Green Card, What Countries Can I Go With Out A Visa?


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Following are the countries you do not require a visa
  • Andorra,
  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Denmark, 
  • Finland,
  • France (including French overseas territories), 
  • Germany, 
  • Iceland, 
  • Ireland
  • Italy,
  • Liechtenstein, 
  • Luxembourg, 
  • Monaco, 
  • Netherlands,
  • Norway, 
  • Portugal, 
  • San Marino, 
  • Slovenia, 
  • Spain, 
  • Sweden, 
  • Switzerland,
  • United Kingdom
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What about Canada, Australia? What Russian citizen with green card need to get those visas?
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Could I ask a qwestion? I sow the list countries I can visit if  I am Russian citizen with green card. But what about Canada, Australia, New Zeland? What Russian citizen with green crad has to do to go those countrieS? Appply for visa? What are the reqwarements?
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You need to understand that having a green card does not make you a citizen of the world. You also need to get a visa for the countries you are going to visit. Do you have dual citizenship? I received russian citizenship two years ago, in addition to US citizenship. The most convenient thing is that I got a russian passport without visiting the russian federation. This was made possible by the company that took over the issues of consult appointment This turned out to be really convenient and saved me a lot of time.

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