Are There Anything Like Geisha In China?


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There are "geisha's" in China, however they are called Courtesans or Sing-song girls. They act as companions for men much like geisha's do as they are trained from a young age to be able to dance and sing to entertain their male sponsors. These sponsors are usually taken as concubines so that the males family is continued if the first wife is incapable of producing a song. Hope this was helpful, I am writing an assignment on this topic at the moment. :)
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I remember seeing a cable special on Geisha a few years ago.  I remember they weren't viewed as prostitutes but more companions.  Can't say I really know a lot about it though.  Wasn't there a book & movie out called, Memoirs of a Geisha. 
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Yes, there was a book out called "Memoirs of a geisha". Really good, you should read it!!!
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Geisha are Japanese, though they have some mild roots in China (Almost everything Japanese does.) Depending on where you are going, you might find a 'Japantown' that has some geishas hanging around for cultural sake, but they stick mostly to mainland China as a dying profession. Geisha themselves are merely painted entertainers with specific quirks and teachings...there are other types of painted entertainers, male and female, from China and Japan. Geisha though, all Japanese.
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Modern-day geisha in china are simple Karaoke (KTV) hostesses. They don't get dressed up except in mini-skirts and sexy outfits. They will sing songs and play drinking games with you, just like geisha, but it lacks the same allure and elegance as a geisha.
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I don't know. This is our first trip to China this fall. I'll try to look it up for you but I have a migraine coming on. Peace

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