Are American Citizens With A Misdemeanor DUI Allowed To Enter Mexico On Vacation?


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I've been to Mexico 16 times in the last 9 years.  Have lots of friends who travel there and I KNOW I have some friends who have far worse records than you and they've never had any problems.  I've never heard of or read anything that says a person with a 'record' can't go on vacation in another country.  In fact many people with records move there to get away from their past.  lol
As long as you're not jumping bail, awaiting trial or are a wanted felon you'll be fine.  Have a great time!
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Anonymous answered Canada a DUI is considered a FELONY. A friend who actually owns a home there was refused entry and told he would not be able to return for at least 5 years. So, don't be so sure about traveling with a "record" now that passports are required and most countries have access to US criminal records...DA

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