What Is The Distance From London To Buckinghamshire?


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As you have not stated an exact location in London then only a rough distance can be found. London to Buckinghamshire is around 40 miles apart.

If you want to find the distance between two places then a great way of finding this information is to use Google maps.

A step-by-step guide to using Google maps is as follow:

- First head to Google.com/maps
- Next you need to type in the location you want to start from
- Then type in the destination
- Press 'get directions'
- You will see the distance between the two destinations
- You can also check the distance for walking, by train and by car
- To change which option you want you simply click on the symbol that represents the transport you would use

Google maps is also good for viewing what a location looks like thanks to its street view capability. To use street view, simply click into the map and zoom in, it should give you an option of street view. Select this option and you will see photographs of the area taken by a Google maps car.

Also, if you own a GPRS or sat-nav system then this can also be a great tool to find the distance between two places. Simply type in the location you wish to leave from and then type in the destination. You will then see a map come up and a distance of the journey will be displayed. It should also tell you how long it will take to drive there at an average speed on the roads they have selected.
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120 km
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Distance between Buckingham, Illinois, United States and London, Ontario, Canada, as the crow flies:
381 miles (613 km) (331 nautical miles)

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